Thursday, February 23, 2012


We loved this email we got to our mailbag today! Poland Twelve Points!

"Helloooo Rob's Closet's ninjas ;)

I'm your secret psychotic follower. I think there's no other way with Rob's Closet - loyal, wild and definately psychotic :) But for the first time I'm writing to You. And for the first time with a little funny tip:

This is an old polish interview with Rob about Eclipse. Seems normal, right? Rob interviewed by a woman, about Eclipse, bla bla. But Rob admits he's learing polish (for the Water for Elephants) and he gives a sample of it. 0:23' "Podnies nogę"...

and I got hysterical! "Podnies nogę" means "Lift your leg" ! and he said that to a woman.

I want to be that woman! I can lift my leg! Both of them!

Sinfully... I mean sincerely yours,


Thanks Mnemosyne (isn't that the name of Bellwards baby?)

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