Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well, at first glance it's a Fan Fail - a shit-tastic piece of Edward and Bella 'artwork' that you can buy on Etsy for half your life savings.*

But take a closer look and you might want to rebrand this picture a 'Fan Win'. Why, I hear you scream ask? Because there are so many things I fucking LOVE about it!

- Exhibit A: Bella is totes checking out Edward's arse. You know you'd be doing the same if you were her.

- Exhibit B: If you look closely you can see the 'artiste' has painted a little wolf in the background. And even from a distance you can see it's thinking, 'Edward and Bella on a fucking tandem?! What a pussy!'

- Exhibit C: Check out the fingerporn on Edward.

- Exhibit D: Bella looks like she's having a little unicorn on the back of the bike. I don't know if it's the view of Edward's butt or just the position of the saddle. But she's giving some serious 'O' face back there.

- Exhibit E: They have a FUCKING FIRST AID KIT on the bike.

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