Monday, January 9, 2012

Snow White versus...err...Snow White...

TWO Snow White movies are going head to head this new year.  Firstly we have Mirror Mirror starring Lily "Are-those-seriously-your-real-fucking-eyebrows?" Collins and Julia "I-cannot-get-through-a-movie-without-doing-that-donkey-laugh" Roberts as Snow White and the evil Queen.

Then we have our own darling Kristen "I-do-not-give-a-fuck" Stewart and Mizz Charlize "Holy-shit-that's-some-body" Theron as the respective Snow and Queen.

Lets share and compare some pictures from the movies to see how they 'fair'.

Little Lily looks like 'Its a Small World' mated with "Barbie' and had a baby. 
Stewart looking FIERCE with that KStew mingle of sexy and hard ass which we have
grown to know and love.  Also I am digging the retro shoulders.  Very fashion forward.

Charlize is stunning in this role.  Everything is screaming evil and power,
the hair, the make up, and the costumes are just amazing!!

Look at KStew in this movie...! She is so sexy, cool, and actually really really beautiful (these pics are worthy of a Wank-Me-Weekend!)


So Pretty
Over to Mirror Mirror...

Looks like both movies put a lot of time and effort in to making the famous fairytale come to life on screen... however I have a feeling one of these movies reviews will be looking a bit Grimm after the they come out...

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