Sunday, January 15, 2012

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

In America, our elected officials act as our collective voice. And I'd like to be that for you, ladies (and that one guy who will never admit he comes here).
As RC's newest blogger-elect, I thought it vital to let you know where I stand on the important issues.

Taylor on my (soap) box.

I'm a lifelong student of the supernatural...

Mommy, can I pleeeease be in a Sam-and-Dean-which?!.

I believe the Twiverse is equally dumb and fuckawesome.

Much like this cake.

I'm less Bitchward and more Jaspuss.

Okay, sometimes he's ALMOST hot as fuck but holyshitwaitwhatsthis...


I sorta hate that She Whore/God Stephenie Meyer for reasons I might never reveal. But she did write the most addicting/mind-muddling/crazier-than-a-Hardwicke 'Son of a Bitch' ever printed. The fucking bitch.

Rob and Twilight author Stephenie M--errr, my mistake....

I am definitely not against Krisbianism, but I like my girls with a little more meat.


Not this. Although...still hot.

But even if my views aren't always totally copacetic, dear Readers,
I hope you'll still trust I'll give you exactly what you need to get those panties a-blastin'.
After all, there are plenty of fails...
goddamn you Etsy!!


Get off Paul Walker, you multi-national retail giant whore.

And Holyshitwhyno's to go keep us all busy...


We love you
You be my bitches, I'll be yours.
At least, that how it's supposed to work here in America.

WHY for fuck's sake? WHY?!?!?

Love and exploded panties for all,
Jade xxx
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