Saturday, April 30, 2011

Screw Me Saturday

(Remember Me promo outtake)

iPhone WIN

I definitely had orgasms for 2 hours while in the movie Water for Elephants. Autocorrect, FTW!


Friday, April 29, 2011

FAN FAIL: Royal Wedding Special (part deux, the revenge)

Following Beans earlier post, I found a few more items that merit a posting for the sheer audacity (aka brass neck)!

In case all this sweetness and lovey dovey gets too much for you!

Its good to see some of our favourite artists continue to ply their trade (I'm sure I've seen his work desecrating a Twilight portrait or two)!

Just lie back and think of England (unless you're expected to produce an Heir and a spare)!

What no safety pin, to continue the Sex Pistols motif?

After 8 years together, they might want a little toy to spice up their wedding night!

This final item is alleged to be a online hoax, but it's still worth sharing!

(images from Telegraph and Gizmodo)

FAN FAIL: Royal Wedding Special

As our regular readers will know, we spend a lot of time sharing the weird and wonderf- scratch that - the fucked up and freaky "fan Art" creations made by Twi-tards around the world. But believe it or not, these Twilight fan fails have NOTHING on the shite made by Royal wedding fans....

Fancy tea-bagging with Prince William? Now you can, thanks to these Kate and Wills tea-bags.

It took me a while to figure out why they had made Pez dispensers of Jason Isaacs and Lorelai off Gilmore Girls. Then I realised.

I don't even know where to begin with this one...

And finally, the piece de resistance.... the Royal couple on a pizza. At least, I think it's Kate and Wills... if you squint your eyes a bit it could be Crapsten.

Fuck Me Friday

Our first real picture of the BD Honeymoon and it looks like a manip. 

Oh well, I don't fucking care. Fuck me in the ocean, Robward!

Crapsten V Wills & Kate: Royal Wedding Battle Special

What better way to celebrate the Royal wedding than with a Rob's Closet smackdown? So let's see how Crapsten fare up against Prince William and Kate Middleton.

*ding ding*

Round 1: The Official Shot
Wills and Kate may look adorable together in this pic, but Rob and Stewy look like we've caught them mid-bonk. Which is what we like. Round 1 to Crapsten!

Round 2: Bikini Bodies
*Cue Twilight Zone music* Kristen and Kate in white bikinis. Rob and Wills in red shorts. Coincidence? Methinks not! No word on whether Kate had a royal camel toe... Round 2 is a tie!

Round 3: The Drunken Date
Love, love, love both these pics. But Rob and Kristen getting twisted and falling into a cab together is to be expected; the future King and Queen of England doing the same is not. So Round 3 to Wills and Kate!

Which means...


I need some Closet Fashion Policing...

I'm trying to decide what to wear to go and buy my copy of EW... after all this is a momentous occasion!

As the story of tru luv between Bells and Eds, I feel that I really should wear something to represent the manifestation of that luv!

Can you help me decide which is most appropriate for me:

1. Showing the Resnickers love?

2. A suggestion that mama shouldn't have named you while high on morphine?

3. An open invite to the Jerry Springer show?

4. What Alice and Rosalie should have worn?

(Image from cafepress, Kosmix)

How to get your husband into an Edward shirt!

This is an oldie, but still a goody!

My husband spotted this comic strip and finally admitted that he would wear this shirt, and only this Team Edward shirt!

(kudos Joel Watson for the pop culture references)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something for Bean to keep her entertained during the duller moments of the Royal Wedding.

But Bean. Be careful you aren't thrown out for any suspicious behavior trying to calm those twangies.  

Official Breaking Dawn Stills Released!

 morning after the pillow fight
 Jacob gets his wedding invite (or sees the RSPCC pull up outside his gaf)
Esme greets the Denali coven.

Thanks to Aurora23 for the tip off xxx

Twang me Thursday

knicker dripping stuff

Bitch, I want your job...

Seriously, she gets paid to dress The Rathboner? That's right up there with Ben & Jerry's ice-cream taster or a professional TV watcher (they do exist!). Well, move over sweetheart - Imma taking your job! Here's why:

* I have an intimate knowledge of Jackson's body and how to dress/undress it, thanks to the many hours spent playing with my Rathboner Stardoll.

* I would never take advantage of Jackson being colourblind and dress him in this jacket.

* I would be totally professional at all times and never try to sneak a peek/ cop a feel while on the job.

Oh, OK, I totes lied about that last one. So sue me.

Justin... time to pay up!

I was disappointed not to be able to visit Justins site to find out what exciting things are happening in his world!

Hopefully one of those exciting things is a pay-cheque from Summit!

EW covers for Breaking Dawn


Reminding me of the non-kiss at the MTV awards!

PS: I am the only one who keeps forgetting about Taylor in Breaking Dawn?

(Images from

WTF...? part two.

(Following up on Mels WTF from earlier...)

I got an email this morning from Sofia who has had to have extensive eye surgery after visiting LA's premier wax museum and seeing this pile of shit.  What the fuck is with Edward? Has he been shopping at Mr Big? And since when has he had giantism syndrome? And whats with Bella? Scoliosis? Get a back brace honey, that look is not good.

Its fucking frightening and me no likey.  TAKE IT AWAAAAY.

Get well soon Sofia! Hope those peepers are working in time for Breaking Dawn!! (Aw...)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ROB: I fucking love him but...

...once again, it's time to say...

What is it with Rob wearing Ron Burgundy suits to his movie premieres?!


Not again...

We worked through the trauma of the Berlin Madame Tussauds figure, and medication helped us with the baldie Rob figure that was found haunting the interweb.

And then I came across these images!

Apparently the pictures are of a certain Rob Pattinson, "The British born star’s figure mirrors his rugged style with an open collared shirt and skinny trousers, trademark sultry expression and tousled hair"

So if you are looking for a day out in Washington DC, please avoid Madame Tussauds!

(images from celebuzz)

Is it just me...

... or have we at RC seriously neglected Elizabeth Reaser

Speaking of folks that have been a little neglected, I went and saw Water for Elephants last weekend and saw the above trailer. At around 1:35 I noticed a familiar face, but couldn't quite place it until after the movie - 'twas Mama Cullen herself!

So, here you go Esme- your one second of post-Twilight glory!

On that note, everyone hurry up and watch Water for Elephants so I can posts all sorts of spoilers*!

*I'll post spoilers anyways


Thanks MC!

SM discusses a Twilight spin off...

Just not the one we want!

Apparently SM has considered spinning off Jacob and the Resnickers story.

When asked by MTV TayTay said "Breaking news to me here…That would be interesting. Stephenie comes up with the craziest things. I'm sure she could go on. That's a crazy thought."
(Anyone else spot the 2 instances of crazy, BD must really be stretching his acting skills... playing the cute PedoWolf).

We already have a spin off that would keep SM in Twinkies for decades to come... and until she does I'm planning on drowning in the produce of its name sake!

(Image from juhani at deviantart)


I was looking for a manip of the Resnickers and Jacob, and this popped up...

I've found my Halloween 2011 costume, just in time for the release of BD1!

(Image from WTFcostumes & - and won't this just induce labour)

How does he do it?!

This man ALWAYS gives good airport. Once again, The Rathboner arrives at Vancouver airport looking good enough to eat... and then some.

Lipporn - check.
Guitarporn - check.
Dimpleporn - check.
Fingerporn - check.
Bootporn - check.

(OK, that's enough, Bean - Ed.)

Via Zimbio

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Turn-Me-Out Tuesday

Yes Rob, we don't know how that bikini top is staying on either.

Knicker Explosions

I got taken to task by CyCyN that we trashed the wolfpack....

So for all those wolfpackers out there:

(Images courtesy of In Style)

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