Monday, December 5, 2011

What we learn from Breaking Dawn... Lesson One.

Family should be the most important thing to you, until of course they aren't.

Think about it...

Lets take the Cullens first.  Edward leaves Bella, his "tua cantanarante", because his family are in danger.
Sorry Bells, I like you family dying is not really cool for me right now...
so I'm gonna leg it and leave you to be eaten alive in revenge for something I did.

But by Breaking Dawn, its like he has forgotten about that, in Eclipse he basically hangs the Cullens out to be eaten in favor of getting a little venom into Bella.  Even when she is preggers with his demon baby he hesitates about giving her the juice she really wants... 

Now lets look at Bella.  This is the girl who loves her mother so much she puts her home and happiness behind her and heads to small town Forks just to give her mother some space in her marriage, and the girl who loves her father so much she sits through cobbler and leering Buttcrack santas to be with him, she loves him so much she puts his life before her own... she lets herself be practically eaten by a mean arse Vamp in order to save both her father first, and then her mother.

You're sure? You want me to eat you and not your parents?

Then in Breaking Dawn she is like "Ah Feck it sure who cares?" when Edward points out that she will be putting her parents into the blackest grief a person can suffer, the loss of an only child, by turning into a vampire.  Does she give a shit? Does she heck! Silly bitch is so horny for Edward she can't even wait a few more years.  
Mom and Dad who?

And sure while we are at it, lets talk about Charlie! Sure Renee has never been exactly parent of the year but this guy was like a stereotypical father, almost like someone had written him! Oh wait they did but you know what I mean.  I mean isn't he the kinda father every girl should have? Eh...he was.  I mean for the first three books he was pretty much perfect, protective, caring, proud...  But not in Breaking Dawn.  In Breaking Dawn he turns into a dad who couldn't actually give a shit.  

"My kid has a fatal disease? Tell her I said hi and bye!" 
"My kid has had a baby three weeks after she got wed? Weird but who cares?" 
"My grand-daughter was born last week but looks like a four year old? Life is kooky that way!" 
"My kid has red eyes and fangs? I don't want to know".

So what do we learn from Breaking Dawn? Many lessons, and the first? Family come first, until they totally come second.

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