Monday, December 5, 2011

Rob was in Harry Potter so we can post about Harry Potter.

I am one of the few Twihards I know who has never ever read or seen any of the Harry Potter books or movies.  I do, however, own them all.  So the other day after listening to a very passioned plea from a 'Mugglehead' or whatever they are called, and may I say its the same mugglehead who made me read Twilight to start with, I gave in and started reading the third book.  Why the third you ask? I don't know.  I'd tried to read the first one a few times, and I couldn't find the second one.  So the third one it is...

Yeh I like it. Yeh I'm hooked.  Its really good.

So get set for some Harry Potter, albeit late, love on this website.  AND its great because there is a link with our Robert and so I'm allowed blog about it.

So here is the first HP bonafide 'I am a fucking fan' post on Robs Closet...

Malfoy? When do I get to this part? Hubba hubba.

Eh who is this man and where can I get one? Fuuh-huuh-huuuck.

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