Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Countdown, the best of the worst...

So this year for the new year countdown we have decided to give you the best of the worst, those artistic fan fails which soar above all others...


This is just so shit.  I mean Bellas boobs and her little 'v-is-for-vadge' make me feel a bit sick but the way the 'Edward' (is it even remotely near the description given in the book?) is forcing her little hand onto his...dick-vadge?... thats just gicky.  But its also fucking hilarious.  Look at Bellas fingers. What the...? Drawing should be criminal for some people.


Photoshopping is easy when you know how.  This mentaller does not know how.  Surgically attaching a baby to a girls face is never cute, even its purely virtual.  Dislike.

I have no words... its number eight.


Um... what? Weirdly this looks like a picture of two french students we had staying with us when I was 13.  Jean-Pierre and Franc. Weird.


This would be sweet if it was drawn by a child, however it was not.  *facepalm*


Who is this even? Edward or Jacob? Seriously.... 


Looks like somebody discovered 'Paint' on their parents computer...
Poor Edward, that branch sticking out of his head must really hurt.  And as for Bellas melted prom face? Horrifying.


The person who made this needs to be euthanised before they do any more damage to the eyes of the world.  Jesus.  Stop it.  


This is described as a "realistic pencil drawing of Robert Pattinson"... I totally agree, once you swap the word 'realistic' with the word 'fucking ridiculous'.


The winner.  Yeah this is totally the winner, even though I suppose, technically, it is a good drawing.  Its just that I kinda feel that if you are this good at shading and shit like that then you should be able to actually draw the fucking faces of the people you want in the picture.  

So I must ask... who the fuck is this? It looks like my friend Gav with a bad waxwork of Megan Fox.  Any idea?
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