Friday, November 4, 2011

Real life vs Twilight

Okay so you've noticed, we are busy in real life and its true... the closet has become a little moth eaten and creased.  BUT we'll be back on track soon with a big clean up... Promise!

However we aren't the only thing to become a little faded and jaded... One of our darling readers JIMD wrote to us with this question for you all.

"Hey guys! I just want to ask logical Twilight fans like the RC people if they think that the Twilight fandom have slowed way down now.
This Breaking Dawn promo since last week isn't really making the big buzz that Eclipse and the previous movies did.
Is it because the cast member's promo tour are all split up? By this I mean, Robert is touring the promotion but without Kristen nor Taylor.
Kristen is filming, so she can be excused for this, but I'm not sure what Taylor is up to.
Rob was promoting with Ashley, even though she does not play a main character. 
And Jackson and Nikki did their promo in the Rome Festival, but again, they are not well known, nor are they main characters.

Is it also because the Twilight fandom is fed up with Summit's silly movie scenes and failure of hair, wig, make-up and clothes? 
Not to mention waaaay photoshopped promotion posters that makes Kristen's boobs 3x the size it is? 

I began thinking about this because a few weeks ago, I was reading an article in which 'The Three Musketeer's " Cast members
complained about the lack of promotion Summit have given them and the movie. 

Thanks for letting me ask them this, AAE! :) 

JIMD (Jasper Is My Destiny)"

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