Sunday, November 20, 2011

BD Premiere: One Big Fashion Fail

I've been out of town for the past few days (bad timing, I know), so as you would expect I've spent the day watching Breaking Porn and catching up on all the Twi-news from the past week (there's A LOT). It was all going very nicely until I came across photos of the LA premiere - and before you could say 'FASHION FAIL', I'd spat my coffee all over my laptop. 


Kellan got himself a nice spray-on goatee to go with his spray-on tan (and don't even get me started on his spray-on girlfriend...). Jackson, meanwhile, seemed to think it was still Halloween - at least, I hope that's his excuse. I have just about forgiven him for the MTV Movie Awards debacle... *shudders*

Charlie B-Cups finally put away his cleavage but decided to cover up for the first time with some kind of leather straightjacket. Kinky...not. And Mike Newton thought he could take advantage of his new weight loss to get away with a bowtie. Mike, here's news for you buddy - not even Rob could get away with THAT.

And it wasn't just the boys. Poor Tinsel Korey clearly thought she was entering a Miss World contest. Stick to making muffins, love. And ex-Eastenders actress Judi Shekoni showed her dress sense really hasn't improved since the British Soap Awards (which is probably back where she'll end up in a couple of years' time).  

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