Monday, October 17, 2011

Party Poopers

Picture the scene: You have an all important birthday coming up and you want to celebrate with the party to end all parties. The venue's booked, the guests of honour have RSVPed, and you've picked out an outfit that makes your legs look longer than KStew's. Then some bi-atch goes and ruins it all by having a shotgun wedding on the same day.

Yeah, congrats Nikki and Paul. We hope you had a really special day in Malibu. While you're consummating your marriage, spare a thought for AAE, RIMR and Bean, who are currently rocking in a corner at their empty birthday bash 'cos all the guests went to your do instead. Thanks a bunch.

So to cheer us up, we're going to watch the video of last year's party ('cos let's face it, that's the only way we're ever going to remember what really happened that night...)

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