Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Confession time..., you know how I never fail to mention that Jennifer Love Hewitt is my book bella? I still think she would be a fab Bella Swan, think of her in all those teen movies she did in the 90's...

But I never really mentioned who my book Edward was... and to be honest I still cannot believe it myself... now bear in mind, it was one of those situations where I tried to shake it and start again but I couldn't shake it fully... he just kept appearing.

Now I feel that finally I need to admit it.   My name is AAE and...

...Gregory Smith was my book Edward.

It was the description, the spiky hair... the pale skin... I was watching Everwood at the time and just happened.

Any of you have weird book characters? Who was your Esme? Emmet? Alice?

Let us know below!

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