Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another reason to hate Stephanie Meyer...

Okay so what do we have so far?

1) She is far too smug
Look at that smug puss, I'd like to slap it.

2) She has dreadful dress sense
You have a billion euro - hire a stylist for fucks sake.

3) She asked for a part in the movie... that was just sad.

Whats even sadder is that she blogged that she was writing BD here... What a dick.

4) She believes truly that the reason we love Twilight is because of the story line.
Silly Stephanie...

5) She is a millionaire and still eating from TacoBell.

Oh and she wrote the book responsible for me being charged extra on my 
bin tax for dumping such a pile of horseshit.

And now...

6) Her fat arse got to press against Robs thigh as she wedged it between Rob and Kristen.  That is my dream Stephanie you fucking whore! MY DREAAAMMM!

I actually hate her. *sobs*

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