Monday, August 9, 2010

Uncle Vs UNKLE

He's THE coolest member of our favourite band. They have one of the best songs on the Eclipse soundtrack. But who would win in a Rob's Closet smackdown? Let's find out!

Round #1: Head to Head
UNKLE are sporting some 'interesting' headgear, but no one rocks a flat cap like Uncle Larry. Round 1 to Uncle!

Round #2: The Smile-Off
Uncle is always as happy as Larry, but UNKLE seem to be a pair of miserable sods. Round 2 to Uncle Larry!

Round #3: The Location Shoot

Larry is working it in the 100 Monkeys swimsuit calendar, while UNKLE go for the 'looking miserable in a field' look. Guess what? Round 3 to Uncle Larry!

And the winner is... Uncle Larry!

Well, it is #MonkeyMonday, after all. ;)

Sorry UNKLE, better luck next time. As a consolation prize, we'll play a clip of your song featuring in Eclipse. This is just for you... not 'cos it's my favourite scene or anything. Honest.

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