Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mythbusters: RC Stylee!

We've solved the mystery of the foot. We've solved the mystery of the eggs. Now RC asks Google:

"Why does Kristen Stewart....."

Would you look at what the mysteries that Twihards and Twitards googled the most:

Angry? Weird? Smoking? Always touches hair??

The nerve of some people.

While we can't come up for any reasons as to why people think she's always stoned, or her stuttering issue, we were able to come up with an answer to the twihards' undying question:

Why does Kristen Stewart.... always look so mad/miserable, act so weird/awkward, never smile?

Easy, she has to deal with all the publicity and craziness that goes along with dating this guy.


Now get off her back, would ya?!

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