Monday, February 22, 2010

Rob at the Baftas... no more bouffant.

Not happy.  I am soooo not happy.  The one thing that has made my life richer over the past year is gone. Ze Bouffant. The Hair. Left in its place is a lank greasy eyebrow mingling mop of flop. ROB! I said ROB! If you can hear me you sexy skin sleeve of yumminess. GET IT UP.  

Get it up Rob. Flop is not what ladies like.  We like stiffness, rigid and the bigger the better. Think Twilight, not so much new moon.  Just fucking get it up Rob. Use your hands if you have to but don't let us down again tonight.  Get it up. You can see from Kristen's face and protective body pose below that she agrees.  Kristen wants Rob to get it up and so do we...

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