Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Men of Twilight - Part 1

One of my loved ones who does not approve of the Twi-love asked me what I see in these guys. Um, is it not apparent that each are fuck-hot in their own way?! Sadly, apparently not.

So, I thought it best that Rob's Closet compile our own list of why each of these Twi-guys are unicorn-worthy.

Contestant Number One: Charlie Bewley

- Age, 29 years old (but young at heart)

- Sexy, British accent, check.

- He's mysterious and ambiguous. (Seriously, try to find out more about him).

Charlie loves animals, he has a great group of friends, and look! A healthy eater!

Clearly he gets along with the sick and elderly, and he's not afraid to show his nerdy side...

Last, but not least, Charlie is an amazing dancer!

Who wouldn't want to win a date with Charlie Bewley?

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