Friday, February 12, 2010

Awesome RC Poll Results Cake!

I know most of you were a bit shy speaking up about who was the geekiest in all the land. Have no fear-- I got the message. So, what did you have to say about RC's biggest Twi-Geek?
*Drumroll Please*

(Applause goes here)

Thank you guys SO MUCH for voting for me to win this RC Poll! You guys have really shown me that it really is all about me! *Tear*

Here are my RC girls and myself partying up my RC Poll win! We had SO MUCH FUN. Believe me!

Oh! Pregaming at the house!

No paparazzi shots, please. ;)

Ok, guys, I'll dance if you WANT... ;)

My RC bitches know how to throw it down!

In case you didn't know, I WON!!!

And since I won, there's really no need to have a pie chart showing anyone else. But if you're in the mood for dessert--just look! My real life friend RIMR_ (pictured above) made me an awesome and witty Twilight cake for my RC Poll Win, too! Thanks so much RIMR_ --> I FUCKING LOVE YOU BUT NOTHING!!!

Now everyone be sure to congratulate me on my RC Poll win on ALL the comments below. (Because, let's not fuck around...that's what this post is really about.)
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