Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rob Vs.... Damon Salvatore

Ask and ye shall receive... Following our Rob Vs Stefan Salvatore post, some of you (*cough*Patzy*cough*) thought it would be a fairer fight between Robward and Stefan's naughty brother, Damon. I think I would have to agree... *waves Team Damon flag*

So let's see how our favourite virgin, veggie vamp measures up against Vampire Diaries' bite-'em-and-bonk-'em bad boy.

1. The Meadow scene... Who would you like to give you grass stains?

2. The mean 'n moody stare - who gives the best eye-fuck?

3. The shirtless shot... Hint: Damon is not trying to get himself killed in this scene. ;)

4. Coat-off! The goody-two-shoes pea coat or bad boy leather jacket?

I think #4 could be the decider!
Who will win? In the words of Damon himself: "That's for me to know and you to dot dot dot."
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