Friday, October 23, 2009

New Jobs for K Stew :)

Poor K Stew is looking pretty miserable most of the time.

I’m not surprised....Being driven to movie sets, having an army of people to make you look gorgeous and attend your every need is horrible....and to add insult to need to kiss Robert Pattinson...Gross I know!!!

I feel for K Stew...and I want to see her here are some jobs I hunted up on the internet which might be just what she’d looking for :)

1. Pet food tester

Here is a man happy in his job. He samples for M&S Pet food. His favourite is chicken dinner cat food!!! See can be found in ANY job!!!

2. Animal hair boiler

In this job you get to tends the vats that boils animal hair till it curls. However all that humidity might give K Stew a bad case of frizzy chick syndrome :(

3. Fortune Cookie Writer

K Stew could release all that pent up angst by writing fortune cookies. She would most likely write such gems as, I can’t fucking be bothered writing a fortune for you, You probably got food poisoning from that meal fucker or Fortune cookie writing is the worst fucking job ever!!

4. Chicken sexer

K Stew could sit and sort the girl chicks from the boy chicks. A huge plus for K Stew is that you can wear your she need not be separated from her Emo music, and People skills are not required!!

Take heart K Stew :) All this twilight crap will soon be over and you can get a REAL job :)

Nicnixs ;)
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